Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2-26/the prequel (it's all in a name)...

good morning!
today is day 5 of my lenten project;
it's also february 26, 2013,
and i want to welcome you:)


there is no video today
because i think it may be important
to see this in print...

so, i've talked about:
my repentance,
GOD's saving grace,
and being filled with


today's topic is "the prequel",
the times leading up to my experience...
the first signs
on my road map to finding GOD.


once i was on the other side of
my being saved (born again),
i realized that one of the great gifts
was that i could really see and understand
where i was and how i had gotten there
most importantly,
that HE was with me all along the way.

my mamaw named me dani
because she saw the name
in a hollywood magazine and loved it.

(in the months leading up to my rebirth,
we were studying daniel,
a man of signs and numbers...
i am a woman
of signs and numbers!)

my mom and aunt sue (my godmother)
looked through the catholic book of saints
searching for my middle name,
a name that would go with dani.
there they found denise.

drury, of course, was my family name.


dani means:

"GOD is my judge"
"delivered by GOD"
"interpreter of dreams"

st. daniel the stylite:

st. daniel is the patron saint of the church.

his feast day is
december 11th
(katherine's birthday;)

st. daniel lived a very simple life
keeping mainly to himself.
(i like to keep my garden small.)


denise (my middle name) means:

goddess of wine

st. denis is the patron saint of headaches.

his feast day is october 9, 272.


drury (my maiden name) means:

love and friendship


my name was even important.

your name is important;
it's a large part of who you are!

"before I formed you in the womb,
I knew you."  jeremiah 1:5 niv


there was a trend
even before i was born...
(the first time;)

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

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