Monday, April 1, 2013


good morning today is day 15
of my lenten project.
it is also tuesday, april 2, 2013.
i want to welcome you.

i reached over and touched ric's hand.
"can i tell them?"
i whispered,
"i need to tell them."

"you want to tell them?"
he looked at me searching
for fear
i think.
"are you sure?"

i shook my head,


ric helped me up from my knees 

then up the steps

and handed me a microphone.
i looked out at the sea of faces...
some in their seats,
some knelt at my feet,
some standing in the area behind the pews.
they were the faces of people
i'd known for many years.
they were the faces of people
i loved.
i hadn't prepared to share,
but GOD had prepared me
to share.


i stood there before my church family
and bared my soul...
as tears flowed down my face
and the words flowed from my mouth,
i saw their expressions change...
from curiosity
to sympathy
to awe.

(i'm not sure anyone had ever shared
his or her story of salvation
with this congregation.)


not i

had awed this crowd.
was there.
it was in every fiber
of my being.
i finished by reiterating,


i handed the microphone
back to ric.
i don't know how i made it back to my pew
where my john
(my hero and love of my life)
was waiting for me
with open arms,
but i did
(jelly-legs et al.).


"and the disciples were filled with joy
 with  the HOLY SPIRIT."
(niv, acts 13:52)

love and GOD's blessings,
dani xxx

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