Sunday, March 31, 2013

3-31/go and tell...

good morning today is day 14
of my lenten project.
it is also Easter sunday, march 31, 2013.
i want to welcome you.

in moments of my retreating
back to the kneeler,
my body got got,
i began to feel weak,
my legs
(bent beneath me)
turned to jelly.


ric gave his sermon that morning;
his sermon was about where he had been
and his call to come to our church.
he told our congregation he was there to love us.
he was allowing GOD to use him
to attempt to repair that which was broken
apparently, his sermon touched many.


that morning
at the end of ric's sermon
when he invited us to come to the altar,
we came



kneeling next to ric,
i felt the HOLY SPIRIT
urging me to tell
my story.

i reached over and touched ric's hand.
"can i tell them?"
i whispered,
"i need to tell them."

"you want to tell them?"
he looked at me searching...
for fear
i think.
"are you sure?"

i shook my head, 


then JESUS said to them,
 do not be afraid.
 go and tell 
my brothers to go to galilee;
there they will see me.
(niv, matthew 28:10)


happy Easter!

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

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