Thursday, March 28, 2013

3-24/a dream come true...

good morning today is day 12
of my lenten project.
it is also thursday, march 28, 2013.

i want to welcome you.

i had no idea what i was in for...
the only church i'd ever known 
was steeped in tradition,
bound by ritual.
i wondered to myself 
what this new church of thought was
and how it was going to be different
from the church i'd grown to know.


on the thursday night
prior to our leaving for the conference,
i dreamed i walked into our sanctuary.
reverend holladay was the only one there.
he was blanketing the pews with huge strips
of purple and gold, satin fabric.

"what are you doing, ric?" i asked.
"i'm preparing the church," he answered.


the next morning
when i arrived for friday morning bible study,
i poked my head in ric's office.
he and our associate minister
were tying up loose ends for the conference.

i told him about my dream
and asked him what he thought it meant.
he gave me a sheepish look
and told me he had no idea.


"when the magicians, enchanters,
astrologers, and diviners came,
i told them the dream,
but they could not interpret it for me."
(niv, daniel 4:7)


 at the end of the conference,
we were asked to pray around our tables.
when jane (my bible study leader)  took her turn,
she prayed for sunday's church service.
she made a point to pray
that the sermon bless
our congregation.

our church needed blessing.
it needed revitalization.
it needed GOD!
before ric arrived that summer,
our church had been in a very bad place.
there was very little trust 
among the staff,
among the parishioners.
with so much animosity
there was very little room for GOD.

jane knew something we didn't.
trusting her lead,
i prayed hard!


when we were finally back in the van
and on the road,
i turned around to jane who was sitting behind me
and asked her about her prayer.
she said that ric asked her
 to pray for his sunday service...
that it was going to be a tough one.

i decided that i would arrive early
for church and pray at the altar.

i knew GOD would be there!

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

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